I am often excited at the excitement of life. Thrilled to have new opportunities, meet new people, challenge myself, take risks, believe in something other than me, this Earth and its people... but there are times when I am incredibly terrified of the exact things. When I doubt myself, when I fear I will be responsible for my potential failure, when I overthink everything and forget to live in the moment for the moment. I am so guilty of this. So incredibly guilty, and the guilt in itself is enough to send anyone overboard, but I won’t. I can’t. I shan’t. I get an opportunity to do great work and I am thrilled beyond words, and then comes the fear, and I want to run away because it’s easier. It’s easier to run and make an excuse for why I ran than to stay and embrace a potential failed outcome. It is only easier in the moment, but in the end we do ourselves the biggest disservice of all, we rob ourselves from really living. Who can live like this? Thankfully I won’t, I have recognized this now, and I am getting the last word in. I am not a coward.



I recently sat down to get my frustrations out about the internet generation via webcam. Ironic I know, as I am a part of this generation and I certainly do enjoy the internet. Said video will never see the light of day, but the video above serves as a nice introduction to the sentiments I will express here.* 



Compilations offer readers a peek inside my head on a weekly basis. This is not a summary of my week, but rather a few important aspects of or enjoyable moments within. After seeing Joy over at Just like Sushi’s collage posts, I was inspired by her knack for stimulating visuals, and decided to do a similar thing here. Alas, we are all not really that original.