ART & SOUND || WILDHEART by Miguel [5]

I’m no music scholar nor sound engineer, but I am a creative who believes music can be one of the most transparent forms of communication. And though our practice varies in medium, musicians are artists after all. These are my thoughts on music. 

I wouldn't say I grew up around a shared sense of value for good music. I didn't have parents who counterintuitively taught me to respect legendary sounds or a brother who respected music outside of mainstream. I guess the only thing I have to thank them for in regards to music is Michael Jackson, and of course, gospel. Gospel music was the standard sound in my house and in a sense, despite my lack of well-rounded exposure to music, it was where I first got my sense of satisfaction through music as feeling. I often have a very spiritual connection to a song, despite genre. I'd say not much has changed, even when it comes on to music of "immorality."

In Wildheart, Miguel's third album released, he plays with the idea of being an immoral, a sinner. With tiles like "...goingtohell" "FLESH", and even "leaves" there is an obvious nod to immorality and faith. It's deliberate nature might not be enough to get typically moral folks to entertain the idea, but it's "a beautiful exit" from the norm when you dig a bit deeper. There is a time and space for everything, even immorality. 

This album seems set in death. Only here, hell isn't a nightmare, we are simply in his "dreams" (Pitchfork). The cloudy visuals, an opening track titled "a beautiful exit" spouting lyrics such as "We're going to die young" aren't unintentional. This album seems set in Miguel's fantasy of what it would be like to live unholy with no impunity. This album wastes no time, from the very beginning, we are already deep in Miguel's imagination, an imagination that flows from one song to the next, even in their titles. 


ART & SOUND || Blaxploitation art [4]

Black artists have beaten slavery like a dead horse. 

The past looks often un-imaginary these days. I've had sentiments like these for a little while, especially after the flop that was my attempt to create the work I thought I was suppose to - Afro beats, paired with afro hair, and a little dose of ass. This was the work that failed me the most thus far. I remember spending the entire critique session assuming the audience knew it was parody, only having to move on due to time, just as I discovered they weren't in on the joke. I was left confused about many things on that day, but one thing was sure, I wouldn't be attempting any work like that anytime soon there after. I could easily see this audience as a microcosm of the business world of art, except in the art-osphere, white voices might accompany British or Italian accents.



I'm indecisive by nature. So when I am able to hold it down & decide on a single something, that alone is an accomplishment. To further fall in-love with said something because of a decision I made is even more miraculous and extremely humbling. My past travels this week were a culmination of three of these moments. 

First, thank heavens I decided to get away on a week-long trip with great friends. I don't know why I made that decision so much harder than it needed to be because there was no way I could have kept going without allowing myself a break from the routine I had fallen into. Score no.1: Boston √

Secondly, thank heavens I decided to depart from friends & go to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art). Salem is cool & all but I only half liked Sabrina & the Teenage Witch (or was it "Sabrina The Teenage Witch?). Either way, I left that up to the rest of the clique & flew solo. 


STYLE & FASHION || "In desperate need of STELLA JEAN" [20]

Stella Jean and I had a moment a while back. I read her interview with The Coveteur and instantly fell inlove with her recent collection. I hadn't quite known what I needed in a full skirt, but when I laid my eyes on this striped cock skirt beauty, I knew that was it. See, for the past year or so, I've been imagining my graduation get-ups. I felt it needed to be monumental, that my attire should be a symbolism as to the place I am, and where I'm headed. I wanted to create a more tangible memory I suppose. I wanted a damn cool skirt, and it had to be full. 

It's going to be pretty incredible to look back on a piece of clothing and have the memories of my undergraduate years of college come flooding back. Maybe after all, what we are truly paying for, is the moment. With a price tag well over $1000, I guess justifications will always present themselves. My optimism has landed me in some sort of personal challenge to talk about it so much, they it ends up right in my lap. I don't want no mediocre. I don't often get dressed, like really dressed, so when I do, I try not to hold back. I don't want to be silly & blow my cash on clothes instead of saving towards my future, but in a sense, does this not fall into both categories? I'm joshing. 



Because my iCloud notes might have some more value in this space. Maybe. 
...& why not start the year off right? Showing a little more love to this little space I've created here.  

1. There’s a point in time where I mentally want to check out of a friendship. Where we have reached a pinnacle and everything shifts. I will care too much. You talk to boys too much. I don’t want to have to worry about loosing you to someone. So instead I internalize. Silence myself and keep going. I don’t want to have to. I don’t know what's unresolved within me that causes me to have such a response. It’s not the first time it has happened. I guess I just never really healed from loosing someone who I thought was my first real true friend to a lame ass boyfriend. I guess I never got over the fact that even when she wasn’t with that person, I was far and distant from her mind. I want to cry. As I write this I am holding back tears. There is nothing I can do when someone I love is falling in love with another person. I don’t know if its selfishness, jealously, security, or all three, but I feel it, and it is very real. Do I not want friends to be happy? Im not quite sure. Have I internalized the relationship tropes I have witnessed in my life? It doesn’t matter how innocent, or how explicit, the flirting and possibility of a friend with another terrifies me. I wish it wasn’t so. I don’t know how to make this feeling go away.