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Black and white have been my favorite colours for a while. So isn't it only natural that I am also a fan of their offspring, grey? Well, not to be the controlling god-mom but, since that blessed day in Target where I discovered the most perfect symphony of the hues yellow and grey next to each other on the most crispest of pre-made wedding invitations, I thought that they could marry no other colour. 

Yellow has been showing up all across my media sites. First, of course on my tumblr blog, then on various bloggers like, Nicole Warne and street-style photographers favourite, Miroslava Duma. So this morning when Gap sent me the email on how to insert pops of yellow into an outfit, I delayed no longer, and took to the blog to write this post. 

Yellow is a color that I must say has been quite underused in the past few fashion seasons. It's a jarring colour for some, but whenever (little) I stray away from my neutrals, I always go for either yellow or something in the neon family, better yet, I go for neon yellow

VOGUE, Italia 1995 | photo by Michel Comte
Yellow, "the colour of gold, butter, ripe lemons"....and curry. Yellow has quite a controversial history with fashion 
according to Vogue: 

"We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine…” sang The Beatles in the late Seventies. And if music and fashion are closely related, so are literature, history, art and nature. The history of yellow is controversial. Hated, loved, mistreated, it was among the colors of the latest fashion shows. The color yellow is, in nature, a sign of danger. Something humans have copied, due to its luminosity and to the fact that it’s immediately recognizable, so much that school buses, taxies and stop lights are yellow. It's a primary color and so it's the base of endless shades of colors, yellow was a shade loved also by Impressionists such as Matisse and Gauguin, from the Fauves to the representatives of Abstract art like MirĂ². If the first artists mixed and developed it in tens of different shades, the latter paint yellow as a main color, full, pure, and immune to all chromatic contaminations."

It's interesting to hear that yellow is such a sign of precaution, I mean, "caution lights"? Despite this, yellow is truly a beautiful, unique, and bold color of choice in that it's daring nature can give so much room to innovation and re-interpretation like we see in this deep yellow leather dress pictured above. These days, I've particularly seen yellow being done in trousers:


So thanks GAP for the nudge in the right direction (despite all your other bad ones), I am certainly loving your yellow cords, and fun printed camo scarf. I look forward to seeing much more hues of yellow this fall. I am personally a fan of the shade Miroslava Duma is wearing, or even the slight neon tint in the one sported by Nicole Warne over at

image via

Maybe Mondrian and the De Stilj movement had it right all along. Primary colours really should be, well, primary. 

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red 1937-42


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