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"...Socially stereotyping marginalized communities...leaving people of color out of certain conversations...a lack of diversity on the runway... I mean, the list is ever-growing..."

The latest scandal to surface via Fashion Bomb Daily, is a party held by top designers and fashioneers in Italy, "Disco Africa" Halloween Party- the very name sends all sorts of chills down my spine. Designer Stefano Gabbana of Dolce and Gabbana were in attendance, and so was Anna Dello Russo. The night was documented by Russian photographer Zhanna Romashka, who then posted photos on her blog, Only Stylish People. Evidently by the title of this event, it was not going to go down without some media backlash. Is it enough to really prompt a meaningful dialogue, most likely not, but I decided to discuss it here because it simply can not be written off, overlooked, or undermined.

I am not sure if you all are familiar but the ideas and attitudes towards racism in Italy are completely intensified. If America is the person that invented cars, Italy is the one who invented the wheel. Italy has failed greatly in bringing forth conversations of people of color into the picture for ages. Granted, I have never lived there, and only know the dynamics based on readings, representation in Italian magazines, and personal encounters told to me by friends in my head like Tamu McPherson or Edward Buchanan, so you can take my opinion in which ever way you see fit. The fact still remains, Italy ain't about that diversity and conversations on such. 

Blackface isn't cool. It was used as a tool of oppression, to not only laugh at black folk, but have them know their place. White folks did this in the early 1900s to mock black people because at that time, it was inconceivable to actually put them on the stage to act ("Birth of a Nation"). This was a time of Jim Crow y'all. As far as I know, no one in the black community is trying to reclaim blackface so please for goodness sake, let it die

This isn't cool, couture, high-fashion, high-brow... "blaqué." 


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