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Let me let you all in on a little secret... I hate covering fashion weeks. I created a draft post for NY Fashion Week, scrapped it because I was then inspired by London Fashion Week, and frankly, I found NY a bit boring...I scraped that because the article wasn't coming together how I wanted it to with the little time I had to work on it then. Can we all agree it's pretty odd for a blogger to cover London Fashion Week when it happened a month prior? 

Now, I don't hate covering fashion week because I hate fashion week. I just really struggle with the banalism of sitting down, watching shows back-to-back, trying to get a sense of the collection, and then upchucking some detailed coverage of it using fancy terms and imagery when I didn't even lay hands on a single pant or jacket, much less get a good feel for the designer's mood or overall inspiration for this work. I want to experience fashion week, not look at the pictures and watch the video. It's not quite the same. I'm sure that we can all agree that viewing art in an actual space is way better than googling an artist's piece. Photo books over photo sites anyday. It's just a medium to share ideas and draw inspiration for me, I don't think I can use online sources like and (great tools by the way) to do full coverages of an entire fashion week any longer. It feels too rehearsed. I guess I got more from that SHOWstudio video than just their opinions on "plus-size" women in the Rick Owen's show and whether they prefer magazines in print or online. They really have got me thinking about the importance of how we view content from fashion week. Now, I can't just not post about collections from fashion week. Instead, I've decided to feature designer at a time from fashion week as I feel led to, instead of a big post on the entire shebang. I mean, that's really how it should be, right?

That said. Here it is. Finally. A post / review of a RTW Spring '14 Fashion Week collection. Today, we're all about Fendi. 

The overall collection was very put together. The transitions were easy, and like many others: light, airy, with attention to dimension and textures. My favourite of this would have to be the layered panels on the leather knee length jacket (look 4). If you love leather all year round like myself, this piece makes it easy to do. Such a unique take on a leather jacket. It has cool layered panels, and an elbow length loose sleeve. The knee length leather jacket in the middle of spring may not be for everyone but I certainly love it. I also really like that the leather looks light. It looks like it would flow in the wind despite the material's normally dense nature. That white origami like dress (photo 9) is incredible. The lines of the dress not only help form a 3D boxed looked but push this piece into the extremes of Avant Garde and D'Stijl style. This collection marches to the tune of a great beat, only...have you noticed anything in these photos that look at Take another look. It's in every photo...

Ok, how about now with this close up of Cara? 

After being drawn to this beautifully designed fabric overlay by Lagerfeld, I was then drawn to the hopeless slab of synthetic hair thrown atop of Devilgne's head. Couldn't you just see Leandra over at Man Repeller using this photo to shop Cara in different wigs?

 It would look a little like this...

               Or maybe this...

Ha! Just a quick light-hearted post. I'm sure you all can appreciate this post amidst the quite dense ones.

by Kim E. Powell


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