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For about a month or so now, I've been convinced that there is a person who secretly documents me in efforts to get pleasure out of the unfortunate happenings that is my life. I am not begging for a pity party, nor am I discounting the reality of my privileges, hooowever, I have been hit with some pretty heavy blows lately, leaving me feeling as though I was all out of patience, emotional stability, perseverance and damn near fresh out of luck! After feeling stressed, down, and insecure for a couple of weeks, I had a lovely turn around yesterday which really taught me about energy, and the importance of how it is channelled. Despite being down, I had decided in the past few days leading up, to just let the inner tensions and worry go. Even though it isn't a magically decision that makes all the bad go away, a lot of our personal struggles happen internally, which is a burden in itself. I woke up yesterday feeling at ease, almost elated while walking to get breakfast. Smiling, as if somehow the horrific party I had attended the night before, was a conclusive.end to a bad chapter, and that morning was the beginning of a-new. 

Turns out I was right. I got fantastic news as soon as I opened my email in accordance with my plans to study abroad, and then headed to an amazing meeting (by a bus which was waiting for me outside like it never does), and felt a jolt of inspiration rush through my veins the moment I left the meeting room. Things began to align, and I felt an amazing sense of peace and gratitude. Because I am such an internal person, as in my minds over-floods with thoughts at any given time of the day, it was almost as if someone unplugged the drainer that was blocking my mind's inspiration. 

Despite this long blurb of my mental sanity and health, in an ode to positivity, this post aims to highlight some amazing things that have happened in fashion lately. Alas, there is some good amongst the bad...

Amazing things happening in fashion:

1) Shiona Turini was named the fashion market director at Cosmo (P.S. Where Joanna Coles is now E-I.C #bestfriendinmyhead). This one is a bit of an oldie but still goodie. Turini joined the Cosmo team this past summer, and I'm excited to see the impact these people will have on the aesthetics and content of Cosmo as we know it. 
(via Huffington Post - Black Voices)

2) Elie Tahari now CEO of his own brand. I am thrilled to see designers not only controlling the design aspect of their brands, but also the marketing, branding, and financial direction. I don't know why, but in my head when I think of a person outside of the industry of fashion heading the finances of a brand, I get a bit weary. Not to say previous CEO Bob Galvin isn't a qualified candidate, I just think that as a designer, you should know your work best. Controlling the business aspect of your brand is a huge stake in you as a designer. You don't have to become the person making all financial decisions, but at least holding some sort of seat in the conversation, where you have advisors or counselors and not entirely handing over the business of your business. Good on you Tahari, make good decisions. 

3) Mynt 1792 launches capsulate collection with five amazing bloggers. So Mynt 1792 is a brand that I have recently been acquainted with. In fact, before hearing of this collab, I was not familiar with the brand. However, our one-night stand has turned into a budding relationship, and I am currently eyeing their fawsome (f***ing awesome) transparent moto jacket, sex-ay lace blouse, and bomb-diggity leather tee. I'll take all three please. 

4) Tamu McPherson announced that she has expanded her blog and now has a team working with her on relaunching a new design platform. This one is a bit tech-y but this was exciting news for me. I love that she is creating her own platform with efforts to prolong her brand. Go for the gold Tamu. 


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