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Do you have that one runway look that you refer back to every now and then when you're bored or feeling uninspired? Ever daydreamed about that look you have etched in the back of your mind, knowing that even though it is ridiculously expensive and will be at least a ten years' wait until you own it, there is no way you envision yourself being eighty, looking back at your fabulous wardrobe, and not seeing it amongst the pack? No, just me. Keeewl.

Today, we're going back in the archives-kinda. I don't think there has been a designer piece since fall 2012 that has stayed with me as much as this one above. Ask my friends (like you could, but if you could..), they'd admit to having seen it pulled up on my dash at least one or five times. I'm not quite sure if it's the elegance and sheer genius-ness of the piece, or if it's because since my first viewing of this suit, I immediately blurted out, "This is what I am wearing to my wedding party- yes, it is going to be a wedding party. Either way, this is a phenomenal piece nested in a phenomenal collection. In case you think I'm exaggerating, I decided to dedicate a post to the collection that stole my heart. You ready?

Folks, I give you, Oliver Rousteing's of Balmain's fall 2012 RTW collection:

Every now and then I have these super cliché moments in fashion and I cry a little inside that I don't own Dorothy slippers and could plant myself in the Balmain studios...or plant the Balmain studios in my closet. I mean, the ability to have a viewer imagine themselves in and want to be in every. single. look in a collection...the power. That's it. I'm gonna marry Rousteing. That would definitely solidify me owning that suit right?

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