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STYLE & FASHION || lately... [8]


I don't know whether it's because the holidays are coming up, but I simply can't keep away from the shopping sites. Mind you, I only window shop but it's been so tempting to just give in...lately.

Cindy over at COTTDS has been my latest muse. Her simple silhouettes and monochromatic looks just do it for me. Makes me want to dump my dump and start a new...wardrobe.

I have long been envisioning myself just chucking it all and investing in a solid 15-20 pieces as a foundation to a new closet. But with abroad plans and necessities on every hand, I may have to lock those thoughts up and reserve it for my dreams.

The struggle. Only like twenty more years of school until I can land a solid job and live freely from this money chain that keeps me bound.

Every now and then,  I have my super cliché moments often written off as superficial. However, I look at my closet as a way of shaping the person I aspire to be- practical, elegant, and packing a lot of punch. For that, I reserve no apologies.

happy sunday everyone.



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