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...sometimes your collections just hypnotize me. 

TIBI PRE-FALL RTW 14 collection is nothing short of amazing. The headgear that have quickly become an ode to Pharrell, the boxy oversized silhouettes that oddly work to create a clean construction, TIBI - hats off. 

I think the most endearing thing about this collection, is the dramatic way in which menswear has completely been engrossed in the way designers like Amy Slimovic, are now styling for women. For a androginistic lover of all things oversized like me, this is remarkable news. Even a middy aline skirt, is accompanied by a slightly oversized jumper, brogues / oxfords and a hat.. 

Here we see the lines extremely blurred as this could easily also be seen on a male model. I admire Tibi for expressing the ways in which fashion has no gender bounds. Fashion doesn't really need to always exist in a male and female version of things. 

The cut-out brings out the careful construction of this simple pull-over. Again, conventional ideas of masculine fashion, meets a more feminine one. Tibi isn't really trying to make womenswear into menswear, but rather complicating in so we shift away from thinking in gender binaries, or at least, that's what I'd hope. Bravo. 

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