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Lately I have been wondering, is the modern minimalistic direction that my wardrobe has recently taken influenced by what is happening around me, or is my wardrobe maturing to become a slightly more wise and practical version of itself?

With the remarkable success of designers like Tibi, Alexander Wang, Chloé, Acne, Céline, is minimalism to be considered a trend? Or is it a manifestation of the past, becoming more relevant and present in our stylistic choices as we grow older? 

As I face the next decade in my life, also known as my twenties, I am technically still quite young but the development of my style seems to have lasted a century. I remember when I thought it was cool to tuck the cuff of your jeans into your extremely high-top sneakers, or when I would color-coordinate my shoelaces with my outfit. Is that now considered 'kitsch'? Tacky? Probably. But how does one effectively separate trend from preference?

Of course there is no real answer, but the somewhat extremities of minimalism make it feasible for some to call it a trend as oppose to a developed sense of style. Also, why should fashion be a streamline trajectory as oppose to a self reflected truth?  

..So what is modernism really? 
I suppose modernism / minimalism has been furthered in recent years from just a monotone color palette, to a futuristic and avant-garde style of dressing, one which ignores the fit of conventional design to embrace a more boxy or sleek silhouette. F*** the rules, essentially. 

I feel as though minimalism in fashion is now the equivalent to what could be considered the peak of fashion intelligence and style. Think of the French, they are almost annoyingly cited as the superiors of fashion for their minimalistic approach to style. Suzy Menkes, the head fashion editor and reporter of The Herold Tribune wrote in her very frustrated article on the state of style and fashion last year, "The Circus of Fashion" that we can always "leave it to the French to master understated chic."  

I guess maturity in fashion is measured by the proximity to chic-ness, and according to many, chic-ness seems to equate to a more minimalistic fashion sense. We wear our clothes like we wear our age, I suppose. But thankfully for me, I have grown to consider age all that it is, a number. So run free like children and work like a seasoned professional my friends, because fashion is anything but a strict set of rules unopened for debate. 


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