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I recently put ink to paper (well fingers to typepad) and wrote an article on the legitimacy of fashion. It really has got me thinking about the space I hope to occupy as an aspiring future fashioneer. I hope to contribute to the ongoing pursuit of fashion as a creative platform rather than a money driven industry only interested in dictating the next trend to sweep the young fashion crazed teenagers. However, despite my simplistic rendering of the fashion industry binaries, the industry exists in an extremely complex and tiered systems of operation.

When I speak of "legitimacy," I could either be referring to the idea of someone as a cultivator and innovator to other fashioneers, but rather unknown amongst the general public; a backseat share holder. Or as a figure head in fashion, known by the masses with a pretty straight-forward and commericalist approach to fashion. They often have two completely different goals: One gains you credibility within the world of fashion and the other grants you credibility outside of it.

Though, the lines can often blur, where someone like an Anna Wintour, or an André Leon Talley can occupy a seat in both spaces. Both these figures are people I ascribe to be rather influential or credited amongst the fashioneer community, and outside of it. There is also the recent dubbing of fashion bloggers as legitimized, but there are bloggers who are in, and those that are clearly out.

Now, if you're looking for some end all be all by the end of this write-up, I'm afraid I will only disappoint you. To be quite frank, these posts have become a way for me to get out of my own head as oppose to necessarily always be thinking with a reader in mind. I know, journalistic suicide. But I'm willing to crucify a future career in writing (not really) for the sake of free speech, after all, I have become quite weary of conventional writing anyhow...


...Feel free to revel in this beautiful ink experience.


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