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Two days ago, I got over 20 likes in less than 20 hours from my less than 200 Instagram followers on my fourth Instagram selfie. It felt damn good. Beautiful affirmations and affirmations of beauty. It's a feeling of utter and sincere vanity, a feeling so new to me and rudimentary, but yet, I don't mind it at all. On live the selfie.

Despite my new claim to selfie awareness, I am not here to discuss the selfie. In fact I would really love for the term to be buried somewhere next to 'twerking.' What I'm really here to talk about is this quote:

"We're a generation brought up on moving image, I mean this has been said for what 60 70 years, it's not a new statement but, we're interested in moving image and there's something about our generation, the MTV generation, where something has to grab you immediately. And I think there's more potential for that and there's more potential for kind of emotional communication with moving image, where- If you look at a magazine, it's just a photo of a still image where as if you look at a moving image, you don't just have the image, but you have 24 images a second that you're being bombarded with as well as the audio, and there is just so much more potential for communication from the designer. So, its obviously, the most amazing way for a designer to communicate their vision."

I first heard it in this video (starts @ 24:44). Please disregard much of the lack of depth the other parts of the conversation hold. 

Positive reinforcements of my major in art video everyday.

This post is no different than my last in that I share with you my own aspirations and thoughts on building a career within the industry of fashion...

I remember being so terrified about my decision to enter the field of video. After a year long debate, I was essentially given no choice as I was yet again rejected from the program in my university's communications school due to a .1 GPA deficit. No hard feelings, I have moved on. I had to. I entered Video with all my 3 months of experience from a beginner video class and I was a wreck. While I played it safe on the outside, I constantly asked myself "what am I doing?" "Why am I here?" and "What the hell is a Final Cut?" All I know is that I enjoyed making some videos in class and a couple folks liked it, big whoop. But my decision to explore video was ultimately my key into the door of artistic freedom and completely unrestricted creative agency. It is now a philosophy on which I stand. 

This power, this art, this 24 frames a second (sometimes 30, if you're baller- 60) of pure imagery that has the potential to create so much revolution in this world is an incredible tool to have. As I journey into the fashion industry and creatively venture on my own in the coming months, I hope to never forget that. While many see fashion as frivolous, I see it as a freedom. A complex freedom like many others that have the power to hold you back or set you free depending on your perspective. It's an entry point, a gateway to exploring what really matters, the person behind the clothing. 

I was inspired by these guys and I think they have an idea or two about fashion as a projection of your inner self. There's a bit of flash in there, but what's fashion without a little confidence?


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