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Compilations offer readers a peek inside my head on a weekly basis. This is not a summary of my week, but rather a few important aspects of or enjoyable moments within. After seeing Joy over at Just like Sushi’s collage posts, I was inspired by her knack for stimulating visuals, and decided to do a similar thing here. Alas, we are all not really that original. 

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Faintly Masculine // I first discovered Ariel two years back via tumblr. She was wearing a sleek vintage wide-leg trouser and immediately caught my attention. Recently, after a bit of a break, she has relaunched her blog to now include a partner, Rayya. Funny- when I first stumbled upon her work, I contemplated sending her an email to ask her if she was looking to expand beyond just her; seeing if she would be interested in having a partner. I never contacted her given our location barrier, but I like this partnership. I think it the site is meant to function this way. I believe Faintly Masculine is a platform that is meant to serve a community of women who embrace the nuances of femininity, hence my initial attraction. 

Shameless Maya // The name says it all. Maya is a YouTuber and artist climbing her way to destiny by way of shamelessly promoting herself and partnering with like-minded people. She is a true insertion and I am absolutely thrilled to witness her continued growth not only as an individual, but an artist as well (She’s also an experienced photographer).

Hammam // I have yet to go to a Turkish hammam while being here in Istanbul. The thrill has sort of worn off and I now just picture my naked body on a slab of marble being scoured down by a perfect stranger. Facts i knew all along, but have now only just now taken at face value. Anyhow, this is my version of a trip to the hammam, haha. I got the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful hammam’s and I took advantage of some downtime while assisting on a shoot and made those marble floors my temporary play field. Shot & edited by me. 

"We just all want to be loved, respected, work with pride...I believe in people if I had to believe in anything..." - Erykah Badu // In an interview for One Minute Wonder, Erykah Badu talks about life, art, and love. Such a beautiful soul she is. I took such a liking to this, that I wanted to incorporate it in the audio for my last video (above). Click quote to see the entire video & my video is linked above. 

Erick Pierre (feat. Leara Ali) - Heartbeat // Lovely. Soulfoul. Calming. Though my taste in music varies, songs like these are like my home button. I will always make room for more songs like these. 


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I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week recently. If you know me or this blog, it's been a very long time coming. Ok, maybe like three years but still it was a plesant surprise to receive my first real invite to a NYFW show, this side of the continent***. I felt truly special, as NYFW  seems to set out to make one feel, with the stark scent of exclusivity. But I also knew almost immediately, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. It was practically divine. On the very same day I looked up the dates for this past season's show, was the very same day I ranted about the state of NYFW, and the very same day Yuna Yang sent me an invite. Something much larger than I was at work, so I took heed and followed through with the prompting (Thank you sweet baby Jesus). Yuna Yang

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I am listening to “All Night” and I am in tears. I am crying from the inside-out. There is no flood, just pain (and healing *rolling eye emoji).


And yes that word counts as a B reference so let's just start there.