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Anyone who knows Betsey's deigns (or Betsey), knows that refined isn't exactly the word you'd reach for if describing her and her work. While I support the free spirit Betsey often channels in her designs and personal style, I have never really been one to put my money where my mouth is and give in to buying one of her eclectic designs, until now. She’s a creative, an alumni of my university, and a person who seems to deviate from the conventional. I have admired her for quite some time and even more so now after her latest collection. Believe it or not, Betsey Johnson has refined her designs, giving room to a more sophisticated playfulness, but a playfulness, none the less.

Johnson has partnered with Urban Outfitters to create a sort of ode to the ‘nineties' (according to Refinery29). The collection feels a lot lighter than a typical Betsey design. Her voice is still there, but there is also an airiness about the collection that drifts it into almost minimalism. It’s rather interesting to see Betsey’s voice come through in this new way. I like it and I look forward to seeing her develop this further in her personal brand. Go Betsey, go.

Check out the Refinery29 slideshow for visuals here
...Oh & they are now on massive sale over @ Urban


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