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Compilations offer readers a peek inside my head on a weekly basis. This is not a summary of my week, but rather a few important aspects of or enjoyable moments within. After seeing Joy over at Just like Sushi’s collage posts, I was inspired by her knack for stimulating visuals, and decided to do a similar thing here. Alas, we are all not really that original. 

This single individual has made it possible for us to feel rather confident as a generation to say that not all music conjured up at the turn of the century was sh*t. A gem, this Adele. Her music is quite timeless. So timeless, I just bought the '19' album this morning.

I listen, she sings, she sings, I listen, and all the memories of senior year of high school singing to my imaginary lover comes back as I sweep my room and fold the sheets. She just had a way of making words last. Simple words. Timeless. I sang those tunes this morning as if it were a Saturday morning, I was sixteen, I was sweeping my room, and folding my sheets. Getting lost in the beautiful head that belongs to Adele is timeless.

Timing is so important, yet so very out of our breach of control.

Timing gives us an orientation, one that is both small and minimal, but grand and statuesque. It is our little goals, what we do, by the day, the hour, that makes up our journey to greatness.

Timing is funny. It reminds us constantly to value it, but also set it free.

Timing is appreciation. Like sitting in your lecture hall with an incredibly minded thinker who happens to be an artist, and also your personal advisor. Like sitting in a room with someone you have interacted with time and time again and yet, no other time really matters, but that immediate moment you stop and realize how incredibly lucky and privileged you are to be in the space you are in currently. A physical space. A mental space.

I sit in a class to two of the greatest in their fields of Art Video (Tom Sherman) and Women's and Gender Studies (Chandra Talpade-Mohanty). The two fields that helped saved my life while I sought out my psyche.

I suspect Willow is on a similar journey. She's beautiful. Though this is only a cover, I can imagine her original sound doesn't stray too far from this feeling of sound. She might just be the Adele to come. Or Willow.

This compilation's a little bit different, or should I say more reflective than usual. This image is just a gateway to my thoughts, and I think I like it this way. I can comfortably say Joy, was now really just a source of reference and inspiration. Alas, this is compilation no. 7.


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