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It hasn't even cleared the one hour mark of me being in the city and I've already temporarily lost my water bottle, brushed my teeth in a public bathroom, tripped- but managed to save my armor mid-fall, whiiich, I found rather impressive. Alas you can't walk the streets of NYC without a beverage in hand. 

I sit in Starbucks to plot out my day, only I sat in the Starbucks two feet away from the one I purchased at because of course, there were no seats. I quickly discovered you can tell foreigners from the natives by the way they judged the length of a Starbucks line at 8am on the corner of 39th & 8th. 

They're like robots. Despite the physical diversity of the NYC crowd, everyone walks at a swift pace they've all somehow agreed upon and the slower ones have learnt the respectability politics: Move aside or move on up. I knew almost instantly that living in NYC was not within the scope of the life locale I imagined for myself. NYC is not where I come from but where I'd move to mentality isn't one I plan to ascribe to- at least not yet. 

I should have planned these bags a bit better. I shouldn't have wore a batwing overcoat when I had a backpack to strap on to my back, my hummus soaked my chips and now they're not crispy. This chai latte is too high on the spice level and very low on the caffeine. All trivial problems, but all became exasperated momentarily when  placed in the middle of Manhattan. I knew Manhattan had a clear personality and you'd be swallowed by it all if you couldn't keep up. I guess being here and imagining here are just two different levels of realization. After all, it's why I moved ship temporarily, right?

As I overhear reviews of Broadway musicals and see all the 'cool' kids swarm, I realize my time is running low and I should probably get productive and remove my existence from this chair, the message her bag is so desperately trying to convey by staring me in the face from an inch away. 

It just brushed my shoulder a bit. Time to go. Plus this Starbucks is getting cold. 


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