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STYLE & FASHION || "In desperate need of STELLA JEAN" [20]

Stella Jean and I had a moment a while back. I read her interview with The Coveteur and instantly fell inlove with her recent collection. I hadn't quite known what I needed in a full skirt, but when I laid my eyes on this striped cock skirt beauty, I knew that was it. See, for the past year or so, I've been imagining my graduation get-ups. I felt it needed to be monumental, that my attire should be a symbolism as to the place I am, and where I'm headed. I wanted to create a more tangible memory I suppose. I wanted a damn cool skirt, and it had to be full. 

It's going to be pretty incredible to look back on a piece of clothing and have the memories of my undergraduate years of college come flooding back. Maybe after all, what we are truly paying for, is the moment. With a price tag well over $1000, I guess justifications will always present themselves. My optimism has landed me in some sort of personal challenge to talk about it so much, they it ends up right in my lap. I don't want no mediocre. I don't often get dressed, like really dressed, so when I do, I try not to hold back. I don't want to be silly & blow my cash on clothes instead of saving towards my future, but in a sense, does this not fall into both categories? I'm joshing. 

Stella Jean, is a fairly new designer, but she's totally having a moment. Jean has created a line inspired what she calls a 'Wax and Stripes Philosophy,' an homage to her father from Turin and her Creole roots. Jean successfully blurs the lines of traditional and contemporary, a style portrayed as a sort of respect to as oppose to parody of. Jean works with local artisans, and seems meticulously invested in the symbolism and ethics of her brand.

"[The philosophy] reflects a mood reminiscent of her multicultural personal journey, translated into stylistic point of balance, a synthesis of cultures that overcomes what seems to be dramatically opposed. 'Wax' represents her maternal roots, Haiti, the first independent black republic in the world, drawing its history in part from West Africa. The masculine 'Stripes' symbolize her father from Turin." 

If nothing else, this collection has served as a great inspiration for the shindig.* I might not get my hands on the rooster skirt by May, but I'll channel it. Thanks Stella, I'm rather excited to see you evolve.

* - & life really. Blurring the gender lines of fashion? If that's not my thing then I don't know what is. 

Stella Jean for The Coveteur


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