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And yes that word counts as a B reference so let's just start there.

The unapologetic black moment has arrived and I am so incredibly thrilled about it. Black women owning is happening and there is nothing you can do but join in or watch. 

Black women owning their sexuality is on double time as B (and Rih) do not opt out of showing their sexy, and as of late, there is no appeal for this to be tied to the seeking the attention of men. In fact, they just want you to know that their boos get Red Lobster when they hit good, or their sex game strong #SexWithMeSoAmazing, or the milder version. Sexuality here centers women. Unapologetic. Black. Women. Artists.

I am not often one to do think pieces -that's a lie. I am not often one to do think pieces the day after the thing to think about dropped but damn, I can't shut up because we have been blessed. So much excellence from Amandla and Teen Vogue, to Netta and Essence, to Franchesca (Checaleigh) Ramsey at Nightly Show, to Rih (to SZA and Rih), and to B. My my, and it's only February. 

What is a Waves (or the album formerly known as Swish or the album formerly formerly known as So Help Me God? or update?) or Views? Black women's all I see, and we been ouchea. We have totally stolen the year already so I guess come what may, but it's already done. I harken to the black feminist mothers that tell us, if black women free, all of we is free. Loosen them damn chains and throw some mo. 

When Welsey Morris says in this New York Times published conversation that “Her idea of swag in this song is keeping a bottle of hot sauce in her purse. That’s seriously, gloriously specific." This is the sort of subversion that happens when black women claim space. There is no other stereotyped for such a specific detail, and truly, the politics are all in the details. Notice who’s paying for who at Red Lobster. These small moments of subversion in claiming space become quite large. It is not to say that women are seeking domination, its simply aligning ourselves with the power we already have but don't get told about. The power that takes too long to find because it has been absent in much of our visual worlds around us. The power of media and image construction is an undeniable power in our lives that can alter our decisions more than we’ll probably ever know. 

There is a lot of undoing and unlearning to be done for black women. I see this in my mother and I see this in BeyoncĂ©. I see it in my teenage nieces, and I see it in Rih. Not claiming space means making all others comfortable before yourself, unaware that your are hurting. Well forget that. We now liberate ourselves and that will make many uncomfortable. So anyone who is offended by the work of these phenomenal women can really just kiss it, and please, Kiss it Better


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