The age of the iPhone is something I'm constantly navigating. Having a phone in-hand at most times, it's easy to feel like we're overstimulated, or at the mercy of the technological distraction. However, when I realized my relationship to my phone was something that was only increasing, I decided to find ways to make my phone work for me. From reminding me to drink water, to answering emails, I now try to find a healthy balance with my phone, trying to both enable productivity amidst pleasure, and set my phone aside sometimes. 

Here are some of my favorite apps that promote productivity:


This app is a daily reminder for me to be resourceful with my day, and get tasks done. Not only can you add tasks to a checklist, but you can also click on the task, and the app will prompt you to set a timer for completing said task. If you pick up your phone during the timed task, it will notify you to put your phone down, and focus. I love this app and I use it daily, from simple lists, to more tedious projects. 


This app is a huge reality check. It clocks the time you've spent on your phone, daily. I've gotten anywhere from one to ten hours! It helps me see just how much I've picked up my phone each day, the time I spent on my phone. Mind you, I do often try to enable productivity on my phone, so if I'm answering emails, or writing a post, I don't count it against myself. However, sometimes there are thirty to forty minute stints where I know I just fell down an Instagram blackhole. 


When I'm working, often times instead of listening to music, I'll catch up on one of my podcasts. I am currently listening heavily to The Mattie James Podcast, Q Podcasts, and The Red Couch podcast. All of these podcasts are super smart, and make me feel like I'm doing double duty, learning while working. 


This app is my absolute favorite app. We have a long standing active relationship. I am quite sure I've written books in there by now. However, I do consolidate my lists, and try to email myself old lists as archive, if I know I don't need it presently on my phone. With the recent update by Apple, I now use it as a checklist of sorts for more long-term goals or thinks I'm thinking about. 

IMG_3627 2.jpg

I'm always aiming to be more productive on my phone. What's your favorite app for productivity?