self portrait by Kim E. Powell, 2014, Istanbul

self portrait by Kim E. Powell, 2014, Istanbul

Powitskim was birthed out of a desire to explore my bubbling interest in fashion back in 2012. It has since evolved from a fashion blog, to a think space, to now a blurring of the two. 

Style & Sound are two very recurring themes of my imagination. In the quiet of life, I often leap into my imagination, curating life a bit differently. This space serves as a platform to appreciate, mull over and challenge what we see or hear. Style & sound is so much more than fashion or music. Style is a semblance of who we are, and sound informs us.

I ask tough questions. I think too hard. Yet, I run wild in fields of optimism- can't help it.

Being created by the ultimate creator, art is always informing life. We should all take note. I see this space as a publication soon expanded beyond my own voice. All about the collaborative workspace.

I'm open to chat. All inquires can be directed to me via email.

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