A loaded word.

A life raft and an anchor.

A heavy load and a sinker.

An enemy and a friend.

There is often a challenge in everything to find a balance that allows us sanity to chug along. There’s a struggle to balance my social time and my work time. To balance my rest and my productivity. Specific to this blog, I struggle to balance my genre of posts–style & sound.

I’ve shared this with folks on the email list, but most of my posts are centered more on sound, than style. I wrestled with this a bit, wondering why my gravity was being pulled in one direction more than the other. I’m not sure I have the full answer yet, but I have found much solace in identifying with style much more broadly than as an off-kilter of fashion. To reiterate an already illuminating point with a musical reference, the blog may be reimagined more accurately with an alternate sub-heading: “sound & colour.”

The video I created above along side some amazing folks like Telsha Anderson (Mother of Truce), Nia Moss, and Ivy Coco Maurice, forced me to merge my desire to tell a tale through video, and create visuals to open a fashion show. Even then, though not explicit, I was beginning to see style as a whole entity and not just a genre of fashion. 

Style is the way our life is coloured. It’s the ways in which we differ, or the ways in which our visual representations give us away. One element of this, is fashion. So expect a more free-flowing exploration of what it means to incorporate style more wholistically in this space, should be fun.


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